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  • NEAX 2400 PBX TELEPHONE SYSTEM: 3 stacks with 100’s of cards (Used)

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    NEAX 2400 PBX TELEPHONE SYSTEM: 3 stacks with 100’s of cards (Used)

    151.00 LBS
    Current Stock:

    Product Description

    Item Condition: In good working condition, pulled from our own working environment in 2016           

    MFR: NEAX/2400

    Unit of Measure: 1 system consisting of 3 stacks, 600 lbs. per stack


    The NEAX2400 IPX provides a unique set of benefits to users seeking an advanced information system that is both highly flexible and highly reliable. Through the use of state-of-the-art computer-controlled telecommunications technology, the NEAX2400 IPX is able to offer a wide range of features.

    Scalability: Current NEC customers can deploy IP capability with simple upgrades, and our fully IP-ready communications systems are ideal for new customers.

    Fully Featured System: NEAX2400 IPX station users have access to more than 780 service features that enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve communication efficiency.

    Flexible Line Size: The modular design of the NEAX2400 IPX enables the growth of the system in a cost-effective manner as your requirements demand.

    Flexible Configuration: Customers can use the combination of TDM and IP lines that best suits their communications environment.

    Flexible Numbering Plan: The use of a flexible numbering assignment meets all forms of IP network integration services.

    Cost Controls: Features such as Least Cost Routing(LCR), Class of Service (COS) and Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) allow you to control and even reduce costs.

    Uses: This is a complete internal phone system, providing telephone access throughout an entire complex. Outside dialing is still available, through a ‘dial 9 first’ (etc.) arrangement. This saves a company from having to pay a phone company for their internal phone service.

    2400 NEAX cards  

    Card type      amount

    PA PW55-B   12

    PA PW54-B   12

    16 LC BJ        74

    16 LC BB       15

    16 LC GG      6

    16 LC GB       3

    SPA 8RSTK  1

    16ELCH-E     45

    SPA DAIA     26

    PH-PC 36      24

    16 LC AD       2

    16 LC BW      11

    PA 8RSTM    4

    SPA-4DATB  2

    SPA-CS33    2

    SPA-PRTC-B 4

    8RST-J           3

    SPA 434        1

    SPA 16COT BE 1

    SPA-24PRTB-A 2

    PAM96 1

    PA 24LCBV 6

    PH-I024         1

    PH-PC45       1

    SPA-PRTB-A 4

    PH PW14      2

    PH PC 20      2

    PH GT 09       2

    PH SW-12     6

    PH CK16       2

    PA 8LTR        1

    PA 8EMTA    2

    16 LCBE        1

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